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What to CONSIDER about a New Dog or Cat? ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿถ

What to CONSIDER about a New Dog or Cat? ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿถ

There are two main options/decisions:

Neuter the Animal or Not

Source: Gabriela Garcia, dictated to Raul.


Gabi is heavily in favor on neuter so that you know. I am not. It is an argument we have often... and no end in sight. I believeย in the freedom of the animal to reproduce...but it seems i am at least partially wrong.

If you ignore this point - then you choose NOT to neuter the animal. The point NO decision is also a decision - and will have effects LONG term. You can postpone the decision - that is ok.

If you choose to not do it - then consider - a dog can have from 1 puppy to 12.

Can you afford that in your home? Can you find interested persons. Else they can be sent to a shelter and possibly put to sleep if no owner is found - quite likely.

Here in Puerto Rico many take the painful/shameful action of leaving the puppies in a high traffic location - in hope they find shelter. But these places may also have stronger dogs fighting for the little food available ot just space, or cars may kill them.

Now far more important - all reproductive organs of a dog/cat that are procreating frequently have a much higher probability of CANCER in these organs.ย 

Another BIG FACTOR is the CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR in the animals when neutered:

  • Aggressiveness diminishes
  • As result they have less or no fighting wounds
  • This means no crowds of animals fighting for sex near home
  • Since there is no repro cycle the sex hormones are not there to make the male animals crazy.
  • This applies for both male and female - where the males have a small cut in the testicles.ย 
  • For your own animals all need to be neutered else these behaviorsย 



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