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Our home-based store GrumpyCat.Store comes from a real home with plenty of Cats and Dogs, Chickens and Rabbits. Below our cat-stars: Dante and Dante and Mimi playing rough, then the cat Orange. The next dogs block is FIRO the explorer dog, ZEUS and a stray dog.

Now in our farm-home we have had many events, many sad and many happy.

In this story of Dante and Mimi, Mimi had 3 kittens and was in Jose's room. Then one day she was locked in the bathroom...then the cunning dog named 'Puppy' came by (saw the kittens defenseless)ย  and attacked and killed all the baby cats....When the family discovered the crime scene and Mimi was released she was truly heartbroken and depressed for weeks. Then Gaby had the brilliant idea of bringing a baby cat to Mimi. At first she ignored him - but then she adopted her new son with passion. The new cat was named DANTE - a really beautiful cat.

In the last image (4) Dante is bigger and his mother Mimi is showing him the art of Kat Karate fighting. This is needed with the 4 dogs - even thou they live in harmony and respect each other!

Orange has the rare skill that he can follow the computers mouse icon! And attack cat's images in the PC screen...will show a video soon.

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GrumpyCat.Store is ready to help and listen - slowly we will add many blogs to share our broad experience with the many aspects of having pets/animals at home

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